Nocturnal Fandango

Nocturnal Fandango is an immersive, experiential theatrical company that provides highly curated and specifically customized content for each participant. The experience evolves based on your level of engagement and the interactions of the rest of the search party. Search party members will be engaged through telephone calls, emails, text messaging, social media, small group in-person interactions, fully realized experiences – and perhaps other means.

  • Have You Seen Jake
  • Los Angeles/Orange County Area
  • Individual Experiences with a Few Group Sections
  • Full Physical Contact; Actor Nudity
  • Highly personalized with heavy character contact
  • Mixture of child-like and dark adult themes
  • Intense narrative based on sexual abuse and mature tones

While the first paid event, Therapy & Dreams is now complete, there are two more on the horizon: Fire and Water and Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow. There will be many more free events in between shows as well.


More on Nocturnal Fandango

Have You Seen Jake is an experimental immersive experience—a theatrical experience that blurs the lines of theatre—and as such, it doesn’t subscribe to predetermined conceptions. Some of the characters like to (or have a reason to) play games or provide puzzles to search party members, while some certainly do not. These are usually incidental to the broader experience, however. As for the mystery… it is in the search. There are many answers contained within the search; the final, of course, leads to Jake.

While there is an important story to be told regarding Jake’s disappearance, understand that your role in this narrative and how you experience it will be molded through your interactions. Sometimes you may struggle to allow the story to be what it is… but regardless of your own conceptions, you should find something beautiful, powerful, enlightening or provocative in your experience. Certainly there are puzzles to solve and many things to figure out, but not everyone will find the same answers. That is an intentional part of this experience.

While there is a slack forum for the experience, everyone will search for Jake in his or her own way and at his or her own pace. The search may be a long one, so pace yourself. You may decide to engage only in the fully realized experiences. However, you should reach out in whatever way you are able to further the search, as any advanced contact will allow the experience to be more fully customized for you.

Shows are currently ongoing and each show appears to be unique, so email Blue at if you want to be involved.

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