The Midnight Commission

The Midnight Commission was revealed to be part of The Lust Experience, specifically The Resistance that opposes the OSDM.

  • The Midnight Commission
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Part of the The Lust Experience
  • Online Slack Forum and Instagram that held one in-person event
  • Eerie tone with distorted and robotic voices
  • Rewards players willing to solve puzzles

The forums are now open, but are not used currently as the Lust Forums are the main gameboard. While The Midnight Commission has ended, we look forward to how The Resistance continues in The Lust Experience.

The Midnight Commission

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Note: The Midnight Commission was revealed to be The Resistance faction of The Lust Experience.


At midnight, on unannounced evenings, a participant will be selected to face either their dream, or their fear. They will be in touch with the person selected for their day. Will they face the darkness inside of them or will they be consumed by it?

With a new Instagram and a slack forum, this new experience promises to “tear you down from the inside.” But if you have the strength to illuminate the darkness, you might just be able to uncover the truth. Fortify your mind because it will be the mightiest weapon against the coming darkness. 

The only glimpses of a narrative we have so far is an entity on the forums known as Veritas. He stated: “Even Death Could Not Stop Our Return. /Those Who Once Mourned, Rejoice. / Their End Is Nigh.” While we are unsure who’s death he recounts, who are mourning, or who’s end is nigh, we are eager to find out.

The Midnight Commission emerged from the darkness in June of 2017 and quickly was noticed by their Instagram presence, unique aesthetic, and robotic & cryptic phone calls. They utilized Houdini Ciphers and clever puzzles to relay information and rewarded participants who put in the effort with personalized calls. This experience is brand new but is looking to be self-reflective, scary, and incredibly promising.

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