Fear Games

Fear Games is a haunt based out of San Diego, first established in early 2016. The objective of the titular “game”, their website states, is to make it through every room in the haunt, with guests being forced to perform “a disturbing, terrifying, or uncomfortable act” in order to advance. The haunt experience is extreme and full-contact, incorporating surreal, psychologically-distressing, and BDSM-related elements.

  • Fear Games
  • San Diego-based
  • Extreme physical contact, potentially including but not limited to water-boarding, force-feeding, and suffocation.
  • Participants go through alone
  • No permanent show venue; location changes frequently
  • Aims to evoke strong physical and emotional reactions, as well as self-reflection by participants

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More on Fear Games

Fear Games mounted their first extreme haunt in April of 2016, with entry at no cost. Since then, they have staged a haunt in October of 2016 and an offseason haunt in April 2017, which only allowed for 6 participants, chosen by the creators from a list of online reservations/applications sent via email. All of these events  have been at no cost to the viewer. While plans to monetize this haunt have been announced for the near future, it has been confirmed that  the 2017 Haunt Season show will also be free of charge.

While the actual identities of the creators remain unknown, they operate under the pseudonyms “Mrs.  C”  and “Mr. N”. Both are longtime fans of horror and extreme haunts, with Mrs. C identifying Blackout in particular as a favorite and inspiration for them. As such, they incorporates many of the same elements as Blackout, including surreality, lack of narrative, and psychosexual situations (many of which are related to BDSM in Fear Games).

A description of “How to Play” their games can be found on the company’s website, and reads as follows:

“In each room of the house, you will be required to perform a disturbing, terrifying, or uncomfortable task in order to make it to the next room. Call the safe word, and you lose. The game will stop and you will be escorted out. If you make it all the way through and out of the house without calling the safe word, you win. But the price may be your sanity.

Game Rules
1. No speaking, unless instructed otherwise
2. No touching the actors or sets, unless instructed otherwise
3. No cellphones allowed inside

Good luck.” 

Fear Games is a shorter extreme haunt experience, clocking in at only 20 minutes long. As such, it might make a great entry point for people curious about extreme haunts but unwilling to dive into more longform versions. “Mrs. C” has noted this as a goal of Fear Games, saying “For a new player, a success would be turning them on to the concept of extreme haunts. I love to hear that new players want to come back to Fear Games, but I also love to hear that they enjoy the experience and want to try other haunts.”



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