Castle of Chaos

Castle of Chaos offers periodic overnight extreme haunts in the Salt Lake City area. Castle of Chaos tests the endurance of their participants both psychologically and physically – with some twists.

  • Salt Lake City, Utah area
  • Group shows, though most interactions are solo
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Full contact, restraints, temperature changes, suffocation, electricity, forced feeding, etc…
  • Overnight extreme events typically offered monthly
  • Customizable intensity
  • Safeword provided, though it may be waived

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More on Castle of Chaos

Castle of Chaos’ year-long haunted house has been around for some time, but the company started providing truly extreme events during the 2018 Halloween season. Their overnight events, currently offered monthly, run from 10pm to sunrise. Since this is literally an underground haunted house, participants may have difficulty knowing how much longer they have left.


As the night begins to unfold, this experience starts with escape room-like gameplay. But, unlike most escape rooms, guests will be snatched from the comfort of their group for intimate, one-on-one physical interrogations. For the rest of the night, a common room serves as a home base where participants can watch horror movies with the other surviving guests, or try to sleep between visits from the tormentors who will be more than happy to show off the “special” rooms of the haunted house. Just remember, guests are never truly alone; the tormentors will remember everything – and may offer sadistic bargains to lessen the torture, but according to the waiver, they also may lie.


The physical intensity is high, but can be increased beyond the base level by request when guests are videotaped reading the waiver. Most people do not make it through the entire night – even with the default intensity. Although there is a safeword, it can also be waived on video, but guests might not enjoy the results of doing so…



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