John Dobrenick Promises to Change Our Reality with Illicitus Theatre

Illicitus Theatre is a new immersive experience combining elements of Broadway theater, full-contact extreme experiences, haunted houses, and escape rooms for a multi-hour experience. This experience is said to give you an active role in your own story—making you the star of the experience.

Video by Cara Mandel.

Haunting sat down with creator John Dobrenick to learn a little more about Illicitus Theatre and its start in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first show is titled, “From Within” and is said to leave you chilled at the core. Dobrenick reminds guests that this experience is “a Las Vegas show; we don’t want you to forget that it’s a Vegas show.” But to begin, you need a key card he calls The Bloody Ace.


At ScareLA this year, guests wanting more information were able to pick up this card, revealing a QR code on the back. Dobrenick teases that the QR code on this card will change with time, so guests should consistently check it for new information. The key is what opens up and begins the experience. So far, we know that each event will be held in a completely different location. “I am working with the city of Las Vegas to incorporate the entire town into our experience,” states Dobrenick. “Each show will be unique and different” and shows are estimated to be around 2 hours in length.


Dobrenick describes his inspirations for the experience: “I wanted to do something different, I wanted to go outside the realms of the normal balance.” The show is not considered physically brutal but more mental–Dobrenick wants to get inside of your head.


Tickets for the first event, “From Within” will go on sale on Black Friday, Nov. 24th, 2017. Illicitus Theatre will be year-long with 4-6 events throughout the year.


More information on Illicitus Theatre can be found at


Thank you to Pamela Van Hill for the text in this article. 

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