Prepare for Scares: Haunting Sits Down with Extra TV to Discuss the World of Immersive Horror

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It’s that time of year again, and Haunting’s Editor-in-Chief Taylor Winters sits down with Extra to talk the extreme haunts and immersive horror that will thrill and terrify you in 2018.


Our very own Hvrting is truly honored to be featured alongside immersive horror legends Heretic, Theatre Macabre, CreepLA, and Delusion in this exciting preview of the very real scares that await you this Halloween season!


If you’d like to read more about any of the experiences mentioned in this video, check out our company profiles and select reviews below:



Learn more and sign up for info on limited-attendence upcoming events, like November’s The Skin Collector, on Hurting’s website.




“…a fever dream of fear and absurdity and death that changed familiar locations into a tense world that had me staring at shadows and looking over my shoulder the whole time.”

Read our recollection of Heretic’s recent experience Parallel Inversion 1 – Rancor here.

Attendance for Heretic’s horror simulations is extremely limited, find more information and apply for membership on their website.



Theatre Macabre

“Regardless of their path, every attendee will progress through Theatre Macabre with that sinking feeling that they hold the power of life and death in their hands; few sensations are so jarring and energizing.”

Read our review of Theatre Macabre here.

Very limited are still available for Theatre Macabre’s run through November 4th, 2018. Purchase here.



CreepLA: Awake

“It’s weird, it’s scary, and it’s an absolute must for this season.”

Read our review of CreepLA: Awake here.  And our review of The Willows here. 

Very limited tickets are still available for CreepLA: Awake’s run through November 4th, 2018. Purchase here.



Delusion: The Blue Blade

The Blue Blade is exceptionally fun and beautifully crafted.”

Read our review of Delusion’s The Blue Blade here.

Tickets are now available for the Spring extension of The Blue Blade. Purchase here.


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Cristen Brinkerhoff
Cristen has been writing since she was a small, strange child. Her first foray into immersive theatre opened up a new world of possibility for art and exploration for her, and she’s been hooked on the genre ever since. A lifelong horror fan, she hopes to use her fast fingers to help Haunting readers dig deeper into the immersive horror landscape, and learn to love the things that scare us.
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