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Evil Dead 2 – An Escape Room That Would Make Ash Williams Proud

In the darkness of the cabin, Shemp follows the beam of his flashlight. From our computer screens, we notice jagged gaps in the wooden slats that form the wall next to Shemp and encourage him to take a closer look. He shines his light over a mouse-trap inside, ready to spring. Suddenly, we see something scamper across the space between the walls. Is it a mouse? No… It’s the dismembered hand of Ash Williams. The sassy hand moves with speed, but a finger is caught in the mouse-trap! We laugh from the safety of our homes as the pissed hand gives our avatar, Shemp, the finger. evil dead 2


The Evil Dead 2 escape room from Seattle’s Hourglass Escapes is the official escape room for the campy cult classic – and is suitable for both rabid fans as well as those new to the franchise. This typically in-person room has been retooled for a darkly comedic, seventy-minute, remote experience that takes place over Zoom. This is the closest players will get to entering the film (remotely) to find the Kandarian dagger and destroy the Necronomicon before the evil dead swallows their souls. Ideal for 3-6 players, Evil Dead 2 is a more-than-worthy entry into the lore, featuring characters and iconography fans know and love, as well as one of the best remote escape rooms Haunting has tried so far. Due to the R-rated language, gore and themes of both the film and escape room, Evil Dead 2 is for players 13 and older.


Evil Dead 2 Escape Room | Hourglass Escapes 


Fully in on the fun of the Evil Dead series, the Game Master (Seth Wolfson) takes on the role of “Shemp” (a name fans of the behind-the-scenes stories will recognize). Like in Amsterdam Catacombs, players guide the live Shemp around a physical location, making this truly feel like players are completing the actual escape room. This is not a heavily truncated or modified version, but rather a guided escape room experience. Shemp follows directions, interacts in real time, and takes “photos” of the clues for players to add into their inventory via a URL separate from the Zoom action. Shemp – a slight dunce with a heavy New York accent – adds a lightheartedness to the creepy, haunted house aesthetic.


The puzzles of Evil Dead 2 are non-linear and all fit within the narrative and theme of the room. Our team of mostly experienced players completed the room with almost twenty minutes to spare, but was fully engaged for the entire game. While most of the clues were visible to Shemp’s camera, participants still needed to instruct him to inspect items, open drawers, and interact with the various items in the room. Further, players are easily able to separate and conquer the room via the Inventory URL; here, participants can watch and re-watch videos, see close-ups of the clues, rearrange pieces as needed, and have a clean and central space for all items. I honestly find this system almost better than in-person rooms in which clues can be misplaced or bogarted by less-than-cooperative players. Having a single list of all clues allows unsolved puzzles to be quickly identified and revisited with ease, allowing for less confusion and a great experience; we applaud the Hourglass Escapes team for their innovation here. 


Evil Dead 2 Escape Room | Hourglass Escapes


Evil Dead 2 was clearly created by (and will utterly delight) fans of the series, as is apparent in the myriad of Easter eggs and attention to details in the sets, props, and puzzles. This being the officially licensed Evil Dead 2 escape room, Hourglass Escapes spared no expense in recreating the infamous creepy cabin – from the lamps to the stopped clock to the floorboards that match the exact directionality from the film, and many other little details. The minutiae of the room is astounding, and at times it felt like we were actually in the set of the film. The iconic skin-covered Necronomicon and the Kandarian dagger made of bone are especially impressive; I would have liked to see them in person, but am thankful Hourglass has made this experience available remotely. 


In addition to our lively guide, Shemp, several other actors impress in video clips that were directed by Andrea Hays. As ill-fated Henrietta, Hays herself expertly flips between a soft-spoken mother figure to a foul-mouthed and grotesque Deadite. And, of course, no Evil Dead 2 room would be complete without some reference to Ash Williams – and fans will be more than happy with Donal Thoms Cappello’s portrayal of the arrogant hero. Intentionally steering away from doing an impression of Bruce Campbell, Cappello skillfully emits the bravado and haplessness of Ash without going into caricature territory. 


Evil Dead 2 Escape Room | Hourglass Escapes


In addition to the exciting theming and ambiance, Hourglass Escapes ups the immersion by sending a Player Packet before the scheduled game. This packet includes a cocktail recipe inspired by the series, an optional drinking game to play during the escape room, a downloadable Zoom background of inside the cabin, and character descriptions, bios and costume suggestions. In person, it’s clear that “The Realtor” will have a set of keys, “The Historian” will have glasses that will allow the translation of Kandarian, and more. These unique abilities add to the experience; however, while players all assume their characters remotely, it is Shemp that ultimately uses their abilities and helpful props. Regardless, getting to dress up in character and discussing our costumes before the actual experience only made my team more excited and engaged in the experience. 


Hourglass Escapes’ Evil Dead 2 is the perfect Evil Dead-themed escape room, and the most accurate one we could imagine. The attention to detail is incredible, the acting is powerful, and the puzzles are meaningful; this is the escape room fans of the series have been wanting. There are other escape rooms that take on the “haunted cabin in the woods” theme, but this one is packed with incredible details for eagle-eyed fans – as well as immense fun for all players, even those new to the film. Take it from the gal who has an Ash Williams quote as her phone’s ringtone, the Evil Dead 2 escape room is one groovy, not-to-be-missed time!


Evil Dead 2 Escape Room | Hourglass Escapes


Find out more about Hourglass Escapes on their website; book your Evil Dead 2 escape room experience HERE. Check out our Event Guide for more escape room and horror events throughout the year.


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