Horror Escape Room Zoe Redefines Fear for the Vegas Strip

In a small, slightly cramped and darkened room, the illumination of a TV set is our only light source. A grizzled news reporter recounts the series of events which led up to the harrowing murder of a little girl named Zoe. Little did we know, this broadcast was simply a harbinger of things to come. By entering the house where she was murdered and following the clues she left behind, there was a chance, albeit a slim one, that we might free her spirit and summon her back into the world of the living. escape room zoe


ZOE | Bally's escape room zoe


Zoe, a horror-based escape room from Escaped Vegas, brings all the terrifying thrills and head-scratching puzzles from its original counterpart at Escapade Games in Fullerton, California, right to the Strip – inside Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas. This concise version of Zoe features five distinct rooms, each with their own mysteries to solve. Throughout the experience, participants are visited by a number of talented and terrifying actors, all of whom intensify your resolve to make it out alive.


The escape room elements in Zoe range from musical arrangements to ritualistic totems to facing bloody fears at the bottom of a drain. The puzzles themselves are fairly straightforward and only prove difficult for a moment, until you take the time to calm yourself and think them through. The atmosphere of fear makes your logistical faculties slower which, in turn, makes tasks often appear harder than they are. Sound, lighting, and even smells are integral in creating the fully immersive scenes in each room. Participants may also encounter strobe lights, fog, and potential minor contact from the actors as they make their way through this roughly 45-minute experience. The rooms are not individually timed and will only open when the corresponding puzzles are solved. Hints are provided if the participants appear to be struggling.


ZOE | Bally's escape room zoe


Zoe’s dark and foreboding rooms create a sense of fear and uncertainty. This suspense combined with clever jump-scares creates a roller coaster of emotions. There is a masterful balance between intensity and calm that this escape room truly nails. Another creepy highlight of it’s aesthetic is the use of children’s toys to stir up memories of all of our favorite horror flicks like Child’s Play and Dead Silence. In tandem with the Grudge-like appearance of Zoe, the entire experience truly feels inspired by some of the most terrifying films of all time.


All of the actors in Zoe do a superb job at maintaining the tension throughout. Even when you are not face to face with them, they are banging on doors, whispering through cracks, and seem to be watching you from around every corner. They really elevate the narrative and set this production above many other escape rooms which center solely on the puzzles.


ZOE | Bally's escape room zoe


By bringing this kind of engagement and interactivity to the Strip, Zoe is sure to set a new standard for immersive horror in Vegas. Those who have experienced the Fullerton original may stop by to relive their experience, but will likely make quick work of the puzzles due to their similarities. Overall, with a well-crafted story, engaging scare-actors, and interesting puzzles, this escape room is sure to intrigue and thrill anyone visiting Bally’s Casino.


Tickets for Zoe can be purchased at www.escapedvegas.com, with prices ranging from $45-55 based on time and demand. Admission of children aged 13-15 is only allowed up until 8pm, with ages 16 and over admitted until close.
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