Drunken Devil’s Sinners Social Club Looks Forward to a Decadent New Year

Soxial2018 has been a landmark year for immersive theater and nightlife, particularly in Southern California, with such productions as Theatre Macabre, Speakeasy Society’s The Vow, and Chained making their mark on the scene. It was also the second year for Drunken Devil’s Sinners Social Club, a first-of-it’s kind membership program for horror-immersive nightlife enthusiasts.


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During the year, guests were treated to three distinct events: Bloody Gras in February, Sin-a-Rama in June, Bacchanalia in October, and an additional exclusive Member’s Only Holiday Dinner in December. Each event featured immersive stories and actors, burlesque performances, and plenty of sinful libations to last the whole night. Members were also offered special discounts to Drunken Devil pop-up events like Deviled Eggs: Burlesque Brunch and the infamous murder-dinner To Live and Di(n)e in LA.


Drunken devil


Strung throughout the three main events was creator Matt Dorado’s grand vision, projecting an overarching theme for his events since the Sinner’s Social Club debuted: The Seven Deadly Sins. 2018 introduced us to three new sins, embodied by the “hosts” of the parties: Marie Harlow (Briana Roecks) as Lust, Vincenzo Sanguino (Nathan Turner) as Vanity, and Caligula himself (Mikie Beatty) as Gluttony. These three join John Washburn (Sean Owens) as Greed and Damian Bloodworth II (Mak Manson) as Wrath from 2017.


Drunken devil


Dorado employs a rotating cast of regular performers that constantly switch between roles with ease and magnificently compliment the dark, dreamy atmosphere of each event. And yet, despite the apparent complexity of his narratives, Dorado is perhaps best known for his ability to cater to the desires of each Drunken Devil attendee: guests can choose to engage with the ongoing story as they please, or simply sit back and wait for the visual entertainment in the form of burlesque all-stars Olivia Bellafontaine, Jessabelle Thunder, and Ashley Hayward, to name just a few.


With 2018 coming to a close, Dorado is looking to the future and the epic close of his Seven Deadly Sins story. 2019 brings us the final two sins, Sloth at the next Bloody Gras and Envy at the summer event, and will culminate in a massive Halloween event that will be a welcome (or perhaps unwelcome?) reunion of the whole group.


Drunken devil


Here, in 2019, is where Sinners Social Club membership has its perks: in addition to access to the three huge, open-bar parties, members will have their own early access to each party, culminating in a multi-course and cocktail pairings at and exclusive dinner to take place in the hours before the Halloween finale. Also included are year-long discounts to brunches and various events outside the main soirées.


Asked about the SSC, Dorado says it “started as a wild experiment that picked up traction after the first year. In 2018, we were really able to zero in on what we found our audience wants. 2018 is going to be an even bigger, more extravagant, and darker year, and I can’t wait for folks to dive in and see what we have in store.”


Drunken devil


The Sinners Social Club has three main draws on top of it’s many hidden treasures: An open bar, salacious entertainment, and a story to die for. Knowing all that: we’ll see you in Hell.


Memberships are $350 for the year, or two installments of $175, and are extremely limited, with only 40 slots available with half claimed at the time of writing. Visit their website to buy your ticket to the Bad Place today. You can also follow Drunken Devil on Instagram for up to date information on future shows.

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