What’s in a Name – How Immersive Theater & Horror Companies Were Named

Names are powerful.  They are our doorway to a company. They are a handshake, a first impression. They connect us to their brand, informing us of what we should expect. They have the power to build a long-lasting relationship or turn away a potential customer. But often times more important than the name itself is [...]

Bitter, but Not The End: An Exclusive First Look at What You Missed at E3W’s Latest Production, and What’s Next

Below is an exclusive interview with Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling, and Natalie Jones, the creative team behind E3W Productions. E3W emerged onto the immersive theatre scene in 2017 with In Another Room, a melancholic series of ghost stories contained within one home.  In 2018, they returned with Bitter At The End, a gorgeous, gloomy study of the end of life [...]

In Another Room – What’s Left of a Life Already Lived

Not many events capture our imagination with aesthetically beautiful and stylistic imagery the way ‘In Another Room’ has. Yet, the details regarding this experience have remained nebulous and relatively unknown. E3W Productions is proud to release the first details regarding this hauntingly powerful and emotionally-driven immersive experience. Read on to learn about a haunted house […]

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