The Flowering of the Strange Orchid – A Carnivorous Interview with Disco Dining Club

As immersive theater expands in popularity, it has found its way from extreme haunts to non-horror theatrical productions to even silent dinners and debaucherous parties. Taking this idea one step further, Disco Dining Club plunges guests into lavish and themed dinner parties surrounded by decadent sets and immersive entertainment. Haunting had the chance to sit […]

CoAct Productions Presents the Beautiful Dreamlike Sideshow

Smoke seeps from beneath the hanging fabric, unfurling like a hand beckoning us to come closer and listen to the stories of a long-ago love. Cheerful music plays under thunderous applause marking the finale of the show. Two lost souls are still stuck in their memories, wishing they made different choices, wishing they trusted their […]

The Count’s Den Presents – Remember Me: Elizabeth – News & Preview

Travel back to 1885 and immerse yourself in a decadent engagement party for Elizabeth, complete with meats, cheeses, desserts, and some vampiric company.   Following the success of Remember Me: Germaine, which called “well realized and complete” and filled with “nuance and history”, Remember Me: Elizabeth expands upon the backstories of denizens of The […]

A Vampiric Amuse-Bouche at The Count’s Den – Remember Me: Germaine

It’s 10:00 p.m., and I’m standing outside a dark storefront in downtown Los Angeles with four other people. We soon meet our guide, a vampire mystic named Hakan, and he opens the door to our adventure, sending us back in time to October, 1985, to a dark New Orleans club, air throbbing with lust and the […]

The Count’s Den Presents Remember Me – Five Dark Tales of Vampiric Rebirth

Following the success of Los Angeles’ first immersive lounge with an on-going narrative, The Count’s Den invites audiences to partake in their first ticketed experiential event: Remember Me.   In Remember Me, the clocks will be turned back as audiences are transported into the past to witness the rebirth of five of their vampiric residents. [...]

Elk-Owl Society – A Delightfully Mysterious Interview with the Blind Owl

Recently, the mysterious Elk-Owl Society has invited guests to partake in a blindfolded feast for the senses entitled Lights Out. Without the use of sight, guests must interact in unexpected ways with fellow Owls, enjoy contrasting morsels, and gain a new appreciation for life and the bodies they live in. Haunting was granted a rare […]

A Hot Trip to Hell: Drunken Devil’s “Sin-A-Rama” Heats Up in June 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA, MAY 16, 2018 – Following the success of 2018’s first two events – Bloody Gras and To Live and Di(n)e in LA – Drunken Devil will produce its third annual summer soirée: Sin-A-Rama, a wild, over-the-top party inspired by 1970’s grindhouse cinema.   In Sin-A-Rama, guests will be transported to a grindhouse theatre circa 1974, where a notorious Italian-American […]

A Year in Sin: An Exclusive Look at Drunken Devil’s Sinners Social Club in 2018

The Sinners Social Club In 2017, Matt Dorado’s Drunken Devil, a richly detailed experiment in themed, hedonistic nightlife, elevated its already impressive lineup with the introduction of the Sinners Social Club. Members of the Sinners Social Club were guaranteed tickets to the final two Drunken Devil events of the year (Curse of the Jungle Drums […]

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