A Year in Sin: An Exclusive Look at Drunken Devil’s Sinners Social Club in 2018

The Sinners Social Club In 2017, Matt Dorado’s Drunken Devil, a richly detailed experiment in themed, hedonistic nightlife, elevated its already impressive lineup with the introduction of the Sinners Social Club. Members of the Sinners Social Club were guaranteed tickets to the final two Drunken Devil events of the year (Curse of the Jungle Drums […]

Drunken Devil presents Night of 1,000 Devils – A Hitchcockian Descent into the Occult

Drunken Devil, an entertainment company with an emphasis on horror-infused nightlife events, dining experiences, and cabaret revues, is bringing a new show to Los Angeles with Night of 1,000 Devils.   While Drunken Devil’s past events have been based off of generic themes (the tiki-infused Curse of the Jungle Drums) or holidays (the macabre Bloody […]

Drunken Devil Presents “Deviled Eggs: A Burlesque Brunch!”

Drunken Devil, an entertainment company with an emphasis in horror-infused nightlife events, is expanding its reach as a production company, bringing a much-awaited project to life: Deviled Eggs – A Burlesque Brunch!   “In the past, Drunken Devil has been known for solely producing large-scale nightlife events, such as our successful Bloody Gras and Curse […]

Dine With The Dead & Deranged at Drunken Devil’s Next Experience

Drunken Devil, an entertainment company with an emphasis in horror-infused nightlife events, is delving into a different type of territory with a brand-new, theatrical dining experience: To Live and Dine in LA. This special event will be part of Think Tank Gallery’s latest art show, Drinkin’, Smokin’, and West Coastin’ – billed as a “group love/hate […]

Drunken Devil – Curse of the Jungle Drums Announced

Drunken Devil is the undisputed king of the themed horror parties. Perfectly curating a given atmosphere, each event feels unique, entertaining, and fully-realized. They are continuing this tradition with a one-night-only party, inspired by the colorful and kitschy mid-century tiki culture: Curse of the Jungle Drums!!    For the past year, Drunken Devil has produced […]

The Drunken Devil – Exclusive Membership at The Sinner’s Social Club

The Drunken Devil is king of Halloween Parties. Last year, they expanded out from the Halloween umbrella and proved they can succeed at year-round events. Now, The Drunken Devil is expanding once again. Their festive parties will now incorporate a more intimate feel as they expertly combine craft-cocktails, hand-selected food, and one-on-one encounters with festive […]

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