Captivated by They Played Productions – The Story So Far

Editor’s note: Haunting Staff Writer Erik Blair is co-creator and writer of the Captivated series and They Played Productions. He has provided elements of the recap below for clarity.      Before They Played Productions‘ immersive trilogy, Captivated, comes to a close in the sure-to-be epic finale, Captivated Act Three: You, catch up on the […]

The Winds of War: A Recollection of the Kansas Collection, Ch. 8: The Slippers

The following is a full-spoiler walkthrough for The Slippers, the eighth installment in The Speakeasy Society’s Kansas Collection series. These chapters are not expected to remount soon, so feel free to read on if you’ve missed this performance, and read our review here.     Oscar Diggs looks tired. The case he carries seems to […]

Pseudonym Productions’ NoFilter is an Ambitious Examination of Social Media

“Hey guys! Welcome to Connections!” gushes Taylor Hill, a bubbly Vlogger with the title of Lead Ambassador to the new government-mandated social media network called Connections. Connections was built as the social media platform to replace all other platforms thanks to a national call to action against cyber-bullying and information leaks. A contract with the […]

A Storm Breaks: A Recollection of ALL Tracks in The Speakeasy Society’s The Vow

Below is recollection of The Speakeasy Society’s The Vow. This is a full spoiler walkthrough. As there were four main faction-driven tracks for this experience, the overall experience will be recollected through a Blue (Revolt) lens, with diverging sections denoted by a colored title. Again, this is a review of ALL tracks in The Vow; […]

The Growth of Immersive Theater in Los Angeles – Genesis, Data, & Trends

While immersive theater has its roots dating back decades, modern immersive theater took root in Los Angeles in the early 2010’s and has exponentially grown since.  Listed by LATimes, the arts buzzword of 2016 was “immersive”. Companies began to form, begetting new companies as prior work inspired new artists. For those of us who’ve been […]

Solstice Nears as TheBoanthropic Sound the Alarm

This is a brief recap of events in December within the ongoing ARX  The Society and TheBoanthropic leading up to the ticketed event Nocturnal Reverse: a Rescue on the Solstice on December 21st. For our up-to-date coverage of the latest developments and character descriptions, click here. To purchase tickets for Nocturnal Reverse: a Rescue on the Solstice on December 21st, click here.   […]

The Lust Experience – Anointment – A Quick Guide For Your Trip to the OSDM

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FORTHE LUST EXPERIENCE MIDSEASON EVENT If you're reading this, you may have heard of The Lust Experience: the intriguing twisted Gordian knot that is 2017’s follow up to last year’s The Tension Experience.  Tension introduced us to the world of the OOA, a mysterious cult operating in Los Angeles, and [...]

The Society and The Boanthropic: A Brief Primer for New Pilgrims

Introduction This is a brief summary of the main plot of The Society and The Boanthropic, including short bios for the major characters designed to help interested participants catch up quickly before events resume this Fall. For an in-depth, in-game timeline of all events that transpired through June and July as well as more detailed [...]

The Society and TheBoanthropic: An In-Depth Recap of Summer 2017

The following is a comprehensive timeline of events related to the saga of the Society and TheBoanthropic, including in-depth profiles on all key individuals and factions presented as they entered the narrative. For a more concise summary of the essentials for those looking to catch up quickly, click here. For all the latest Haunting coverage […]

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