Midsummer Scream 2018: Bamfer Productions’ “The Meet-Up” Features Real (Funny) Monsters

Within the crowded halls lined with ensanguined props and demonic masks, a more friendly, more nostalgic, and more sarcastic monster invited guests to a corner of the convention. With a hand full of paper, he invited guests to sit down, to listen, and to reminisce. You may remember him; he lived under your bed. His name is Barry.


Bamfer Productions’ The Meet-Up provided an intro to a hopefully ongoing series with Barry Under Your Bed. Reminiscent of a fun, adult-take on Monsters, Inc., The Meet-Up introduced us to the cute puppet (but don’t tell him that!) Barry, a monster who hides under kids’ beds, primed for scares. Playful and sometimes crass, Barry lovingly teased his now-grown audience as he invited us to meet up with him and his fellow monsters at a bar sometime. Utilizing Bamfer Productions’ close ties to the immersive community (they previously produced The Order of Bileth), Barry was able to converse with his audience on a personal level, calling them out by name and creating a strong connection in a short experience. We found ourselves laughing, smiling, and wanting to learn more about the mythos and world that our childhood friend lives in.


The Meet-Up was a whimsical delight in the midst of Midsummer Scream’s horrors and frights, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he and his peers are up to. Check out Barry’s antics on his Instagram or subscribe to Bamfer Productions’ mailing list here for more updates on Barry’s next meet-ups.



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Special thanks to Josh Taylor for the cover image.

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Lacey Pawlowicz
Ever since seeing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, Lacey has been obsessed with all things horror and Halloween. Now, she watches, produces and acts in horror films, and is lucky enough to attend haunts/immersive events and write about them. Groovy!

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