All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 Excels in Their Madness – Video & Review

Want to meet my friends? A patient in the ward leads me down a long corridor of beds separated by hospital curtains. I look to my left and find a crib with the skeletal remains of a newborn inside. I move further down to find more antique dolls tucked nicely into bed. Want to meet my friends? The young patient asks again – so this time I agree. We reach the end of the corridor, and he looks up to the ceiling. One last time, he asks: Want to meet my friends? They’re up there. I look up to the ceiling, but only he can see the invisible creature hiding in the darkness. all saints lunatic asylum 2019


All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019


All Saints Lunatic Asylum is a traditional haunted attraction located in Apple Valley. At 15-20 minutes, All Saints invites guests to step into their ward and the hallucinations of the patients inside. Each patient’s delusions manifest as a different haunted house staple that ranges from clowns to churches to morgues. With a 15-20 minute run-time and a year-round location, participants are given time to interact with highly detailed rooms and talented actors.


All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019


While the rooms may not push the boundaries of innovation, they are some of the strongest in terms of theming and detail. The experience starts with a technologically driven elevator, and from there, it continues with themed rooms, pitch black areas, and claustrophobic switchbacks. Strobes are used to heavy effect, hiding actors and disorienting audiences. The rooms all feel professionally curated and are an absolute fright (or delight) for any haunt enthusiast.


No matter how beautiful the sets are, the passionate actors are the heart behind All Saints Lunatic Asylum. While some actors are more focused on creepy scenes and jump-scares, there are some truly strong interactive actors who elevate the narrative and engage guests going through. In a medical office, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-inspired doctor fights his inner demon as one persona attempts to help you escape, while the other wishes to use you for his deranged experimentation. The full use of distinct voices for each character makes this a standout for the entire haunt. Further, the aforementioned patient leading you through his ward as he introduces you to his friends – both inanimate and invisible – is frighteningly fun and memorable.


All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019


My only criticism is that some rooms felt a little barren, lacking the strength of the actors in previous rooms. Every room is gorgeous, but we found ourselves looking for scares or actors that were never there in a few key locations. One room was a classic room with numerous mannequins in the same outfit – but without an actor in the same clothes, the scare does not work. This may be alleviated by attending during a prime hour, as we attended almost fifteen minutes before closing.


All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019


Make sure to bring your credit card or some cash to spend at the gift shop at the end. You can ensure the haunt is never over by taking a piece of it home with you. Many of the inmates inside are insanely talented and offer some of their eerie paintings for sale. And my personal favorite is the haunted dolls and that ensure that you can be haunted all year round. I picked Julie, and she’s already been found to be tapping on the walls at night.


All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019


All Saints Lunatic Asylum is professional haunted attraction with strong theming, passionate actors, and an engaging aesthetic. While it’s all the way in Apple Valley, the desolate nature of the town only serves to increase the fear. Combine this haunt with a night at High Desert Haunted House and you’ll have two sides of a similar coin – and one that you really can’t get in the comfort of the lights of Los Angeles.


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All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 All Saints Lunatic Asylum 2019 

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